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Are you a first-time library manager, or in need of a refresher?

Our Library Management for Beginners series is a collection of courses designed to serve as a primer to introduce key management and leadership topics to help managers succeed in their new roles. Middle managers are the liaisons between their employees and library administrators. These managers often feel caught in the middle as they attempt to hear and listen to both sides and adapt. This course is designed to help the first-time manager gain a foundation to successfully manage from the middle.

Does your resume and cover letter have what it takes to land you your dream job?

Landing a librarian position isn't easy – especially for first timers. This hour-long course, FREE for Amigos members, will help you learn how to build a professional resume and cover letter to get the right message across to potential employers. You'll also learn about some basic networking and job hunting skills that you'll need to land that interview.