Amigos eShelf℠ Service

WGU Ready to Roll with eShelf℠ Service

Kristen Vogt, Digital Services Librarian at Western Governors University, says "WGU has loaded its titles and is ready to go when the Amigos eShelf™ Service officially launches, currently scheduled for November 2. The WGU library participated in the service's Early Release Program, so has actually been using the service for a while.

We're Almost Ready. Time to sign up!

The testing of the Amigos eShelf℠ Service e-book platform through the early release program is complete. Pricing has been set. We'll be officially rolling out the service to everyone in October. If you're ready to participate in this affordable, flexible option for hosting and circulating e-books for your patrons, it's time to sign up!

Early Release Program Readies Amigos eShelf Service e-book Platform for Launch

Amigos Library Services is in the final stages of testing the Amigos eShelf℠ Service e-book platform. With plans to launch later this year, the service is an affordable, flexible option for libraries seeking to capitalize on their patrons’ growing use of electronic books, known as e-books.