March Board Meeting Highlights

Updates on activities surrounding the proposed merger with the Missouri Library Network Corporation (MLNC), announced January 31, highlighted the agenda at the March 9 meeting of the Amigos Board of Directors. Amigos President and Chief Executive Officer Bonnie Juergens and Chief Financial Officer Charles Cason provided reports on various due diligence activities. Amigos Board President Anne Prestamo spoke about the February 24 live online "Member Conversation about the Merger" she co-conducted with Juergens. She noted that all member responses she has seen have been positive since the press release was distributed, and Juergens added that responses relayed to her regarding MLNC member responses have also been very positive.

In her Chair's report, Prestamo announced that she has appointed the Nominating Committee that will seek candidates for the 2012-13 Amigos Board and would soon appoint the Amigos Officer Nomination Task Force that will recommend Directors to serve as officers of the 2012-13 Board. Prestamo also reported on the Amigos-LexisNexis Member Appreciation Reception held in conjunction with the American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting in January in Dallas, stating the reception provided positive visibility for both Amigos and LexisNexis. In closing her report, Prestamo applauded the support she received from Amigos' staff for her participation as a speaker in a February 8, 2012 online conference hosted by Amigos on the impact of legislation and policies on technology. "What a fabulous job Amigos folks do!" Prestamo said, acknowledging that staff assistance made it a "great experience."

Amigos Treasurer Patrick Heath reported on the organization's January financial performance, noting that a negative variance to the FY2012 Business Plan was due primarily to the timing of various expenses. Heath also noted a positive January performance for the Amigos investment portfolio that included unrealized gains.

Directors gave preliminary approval to the FY2013 Business Plan. The Plan is based on the membership fees approved by Amigos Members in May 2009 and the merging of MLNC operations, contingent on the merger's approval by the Amigos and MLNC memberships.

The Board's Budget and Finance Committee received an offer to purchase the Amigos building at a price acceptable to Amigos. Based on a recommendation from the Committee and following full Board discussion, the sale was approved contingent on certain lease stipulations. The buyer has stated a desire to lease a portion of the building back to Amigos, and space arrangements are being negotiated.

In other business, the Board approved the reappointment of the Dallas firm Salmon, Sims, Thomas and Associates, PLLC, to perform the FY2011/12 financial audit and associated reports. Prestamo presented an update on activities of the OCLC Americas Regional Council on which she serves. Juergens provided directors a number of reports to update them on the operations of the organization.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held live online on May 8, 2012, prior to the online Amigos Member Conference.