FY2013 Pricing

Amigos has finalized pricing for the TAE/TExpress Courier Service for FY2013, September 2012 through August 2013.

  • 5-day service: $4,700
  • 3-day service: $3,225
  • 2-day service: $2,525

The Texas State Library will continue subsidizing Texas courier participants in FY2013, but the finalized subsidies will not be available until early August.

If your library decides to change service levels, please complete a new enrollment form, http://www.amigos.org/files/agreement_tae.pdf. Simply print and complete the form, sign it and fax or mail to Amigos. The deadline to begin a new service level starting September 1, 2012, is August 17. Pricing will be prorated for any changes made after the start of the fiscal year.

Invoices for FY2013 will be sent out in early September. If you need your invoice beforehand, please contact Amigos, tae@amigos.org, to request early billing.