On-Request Training FAQs

What is On-request training?
Amigos will provide a private training session, either online or face-to-face, for your library or local group designed specifically to meet your needs. On-request training is an effective way to meet your organization’s training needs. The face-to-face option is an economical way to train staff without incurring costly travel expenses for each participant. The online option offers even more savings. You also may join with other libraries in your area to split the fees and expenses.

What is the difference between on-request and regional training?
Live (online or face-to-face) training sessions are listed on the Amigos training calendar and widely announced. Live training registration is open to individuals in Amigos member and non-member institutions. On-request training is a privately scheduled session for a single institution or group.

How do I request a session?
Contact Amigos Training Support, 800-843-8482, ext. 2829 (972-851-8000 in the Dallas area), or learning@amigos.org. Your request will directed to the appropriate trainer.

How much notice is necessary to schedule on-request sessions?
Amigos will make every effort to meet your request. We can generally schedule sessions with six weeks notice. We honor requests on a first come, first served basis.

How many people can attend my on-request training session?
Minimum and maximum numbers of students depend on a variety of factors including space, availability of equipment and materials, and design of instructional activities. For hands-on computer classes, the number of computer workstations available for the class will determine the maximum number of students up to a maximum of twenty (20). The limit per workstation is two students.

Live-online sessions will be limited to instructional requirements or the number of seats available.

What is the fee for on-request training?
Contact Amigos Training Support at learning@amigos.org for pricing.

What is included in the fee?
The fee includes the trainer’s time and his or her travel expenses (face-to-face courses only) and up to 20 participant packets. Additional packets may be purchased for $10 each when requested in conjunction with a workshop. Materials will be shipped to your library ten days in advance of the session.

What expenses will be charged to my library?
For all imaging and preservation courses, actual travel expenses will be charged to your library. In addition, for some imaging and preservation courses, Amigos will charge for shipping workshop supplies such as a scanner or book repair supplies, and require that the institution handle charges for the return shipment to Amigos.

Can my library request training through Amigos for courses taught by adjunct trainers?
Yes. For courses taught by adjunct trainers, on-request policies and fees will vary.

What is an adjunct trainer?
As part of Amigos' continuing efforts to bring you a diverse variety of training opportunities, we look to expert trainers in certain fields and contract with them to develop and present training for libraries and other cultural heritage institutions.