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Digitalia Publishing offers ebooks,ejournals, film streaming videos and language courses that are geared to academic, public and school library users.

Digitalia Hispanica is a global academic database containing ebooks and ejournals in the Spanish language. The comprehensive Spanish language collection of 12,000+ ebooks contains titles ranging from Arts and Literature to Science and Technology. New content is added every year from Spanish speaking countries and Latin American publishing companies.

Within the Digitalia Hispanica collection are also ebooks dealing with Law (500+ titles), , Religion (500+ titles),, French (1340+ French Language titles),, Portuguese (119 Portuguese titles), and Catalan (600+ Catalan titles)

Digitalia Public Libraries is a Spanish language collection of Public Library content with over 12,600+ titles including fiction, children’s ebooks and content geared to the needs of public library patrons. This collection also contains multi-media ebooks and Spanish language interactive courses such as Spanish in 100 Days and Ingles en 100 Dias.

Digitalia Film Library is a Multilanguage film library of streaming videos. The library includes Spanish, French, other European and Eastern European language films as well as North and South American films. Asian films will be added soon. Digitalia’s objective is to select documentaries and films to create collections by genre and country.

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