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Quertle® LLC develops biomedical and health IT solutions using its award-winning BioAI™ (biomedical/biological-specific artificial intelligence) platform. The company’s AI technology powers easy-to-use literature discovery, providing efficiency and minimizing the risk of missing critical information.

The company's primary product, Qinsight™, combines artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, and other modern methods to identify relevant results quickly. Qinsight™ provides visual analytics to summarize an entire results set, discover trends, and uncover hidden relationships.

Quertle® was founded in 2008 by biomedical scientists and literature informatics experts who have decades of experience with finding and using relevant information. The company is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. For more information visit www.quertle.com or connect with Quertle® on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

VIDEO: Qinsight™ Introduction and Demonstration

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