Amigos eShelf℠ Service: reinforcing the foundation

-an update from eShelf℠ Service Project Manager Christine Peterson
We have been pretty quiet about the development of the Amigos eShelf℠ Service lately. It’s not that we aren’t working very hard, but what we are doing has been reinforcing the foundation.

We started the Amigos eShelf℠ Service as a pilot project using in-house expertise. As we moved forward, we began to see that there is indeed a need for this type of service, both to allow smaller libraries to provide e-books for patrons and larger libraries to provide more options. We were making plans to bolster and improve its foundation even as we took the service live last November.

This is a necessary step and a good one to take at this early stage. We have a list of prioritized functionality that we definitely want to add. However, taking the time to update the foundation will allow us to move development forward at a more rapid rate later on.

Stay tuned. You will be hearing more from us soon!