Elsevier Titles: Unlimited & Perpetual

Elsevier's science and technology e-book titles are loaded into the Amigos eShelf℠ Service. We're thrilled that they're ready for our users, but we’re even more excited about their licensing:

  • Unlimited simultaneous use
    Libraries purchasing these titles don’t have to worry about the e-books being, "on the shelf;" these e-books will be always available. We're happy to announce that this is our first publisher using this type of licensing and we hope others to do the same in the future.
  • Perpetual access
    Once titles are purchased, those files can move to other library e-book platforms approved by Elsevier; they are not tied to our service. Soon, libraries will be able to do the reverse; move titles from other platforms to eShelf℠.

Both of these elements support the underlying concept of this service: libraries should be able to make choices that make sense for their communities.

Interested in seeing the other functionality that supports this idea? Attend our next webinar!

Questions? Contact us at 800-843-8482 (option 2) or eshelf@amigos.org .