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P.V. Supa is a global provider of RFID, EM/RFID hybrid and barcode-based library solutions developed solely for the library market. The Automated Materials Handling system is fully modular and completely reconfigurable, expandable and maximizes material flow. P.V. Supa offers solutions for material handling, return and sorting designed to fit specific budget and space requirements for providing solutions that fit small libraries to systems that service very large and complex sorting operations.

P.V. Supa’s Self Service options, working in conjunction with the library’s ILS, combine efficiency, functionality, and attractive design to provide seamless, responsive service to library patrons. From patron counters to Self Service kiosks, P.V. Supa provides an array of accessories and services to meet your library’s need. Self-service kiosks offer a variety of options from full size, height adjustable kiosks to compact space-saving table-top units ideal for smaller spaces that place emphasis on usability and ergonomics for patrons as well as maintainability and ease of service for the library staff.. P.V. Supa provides ready, innovative solutions for libraries including, space solutions, extending library hours, better management of the request processes, and tablet lending. Smartblock provides a mobile, flexible space that doesn’t require costly renovation or expensive wiring. This plug and play solution provides an affordable option for creating additional meeting or tutoring space in your library. The Extended Open Hours solution is a self-operated solution that makes it possible to extend the library’s normal open hours. It is a complement to the existing manned hours, in which library users can still receive the necessary help and guidance. The Hublet tablet lending system has proven to be a wonderful tool for libraries in the new digital age and has made loaning tablets easy; it is now possible for library visitors to check out a tablet with their library card and PIN code. The attractive design makes your digital material visible in the library space.

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