REGISTER NOW!!! Free to Amigos Members – September Online Conference

Speak Up – Advocating for You and Your Library, Amigos latest online conference scheduled for September 12 is now open for registration! Sessions promise to be interesting and informative.

Jennifer Burke who is President of IntelliCraft Research LLC, a strategic marketing consultancy for libraries in Philadelphia, will conclude the conference with the closing keynote, Strategic Storytelling as Advocacy and Marketing.

Burke will show attendees how marketing is a big part of advocating for libraries, and how it is just a form of storytelling. She’ll help you build your strategic storytelling skills so you can create effective, compelling, engaging messages of advocacy that your stakeholders, partners, and community want to share.

Register at the conference website. Remember, one of the many benefits of Amigos Library Services membership is FREE attendance at all online conferences! If you're not a member, register by Friday, August 24 for discount pricing.