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Since launching in October 2016, Library Dashboard has proven to be effective and flexible, meeting the needs of large academic research libraries, community college libraries, academic libraries of all sizes, hospitals, corporations, and government agencies on six continents.

RedLink's Library Dashboard provides an overview of eBook, eJournal, and database usage and turn-away statistics, as well as cost data. Library Dashboard shows how much a resource has been used; the average cost per use; how much usage individual titles in journal bundles receive; increases and decreases in the usage over time; areas of content are not being used. Library Dashboard provides robust usage and cost comparison features. Using Library Dashboard, libraries can compare usage by source for overlapping subscriptions.

Library Dashboard provides visualizations to help you analyze and interpret the data. You can easily see trends, patterns and differences. There is no limit to the number of electronic content sources; There is no limit to the number of users.

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