Help the NISO Open Discovery Initiative understand library stakeholder needs

The NISO ODI Standing Committee has begun work to revise their Recommended Practice, "NISO RP-19-2014 Open Discovery Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery". The starting point for the revision process is information gathering.

They need your help! Please participate in this survey to ensure the revised recommended practice reflects current discovery practices. The surveys will be available until July 19, 2019. You can preview the survey questions using the pdf linked on the survey welcome screen.

Library Survey -

There are separate surveys for Content Providers ( and Discovery Providers ( if you represent one of those two kinds of organizations.

Survey questions will inform the following areas for the revision:

  • Library Responsibilities in ODI
  • Handling of Open Access Content Including Hybrid OA Content
  • More Meaningful Usage Statistics for Content Providers
  • Fair Linking
  • Identifying the Source of the Record in the Discovery Interface
  • Content Coverage Disclosure (Reporting on Discovery Service Content at a Collection Level)
  • Identification of Additional Metadata and Content Elements