Barlow Memorial Library (IA) launches the PLAY touch table

Robert W. Barlow Memorial Library in Iowa Falls, Iowa recently launched a new PLAY touch table, joining other libraries with this new technology. Feedback has been outstanding, with patrons of all ages enjoying engaging with the educational, multi-player games.

"The PLAY table has been a hit here at the Barlow Library. Patrons, kids and adults use the table each and every day. The Balloons'Touch game (attached photo) seems to a big favorite. During a time when we are trying to get patrons back into the library due to the pandemic, our table has been a fun option for kids and their parents. I would highly recommend the PLAY table to any library!", shared Library Director Erin Finnegan-Andrews.

The company is now working with 27 Iowa libraries and many more across the country.
Learn more by viewing this PLAY table video: and vendor website