Amigos Conference 2011 - Online, No-Charge, and Suitable for Groups

Did you know this year’s Amigos conference is online again? Even better, did you know the registration fee for Amigos members is zero?

What a great deal for easy-to-attend, information-packed programs focusing on enhancing the quality of the major service points of the patron experience! Libraries of all types and sizes will enjoy Mobilizing Libraries, Designing Experiences with headline speakers Jason Griffey and Steven J. Bell. Breakout sessions showcase Amigos member libraries.

Bring along all your staff with just a single registration. You’ll get access to all the sessions—live or recorded, and by participating together, you can add your own lively discussion at your site. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with others from the Amigos membership through the conference portal. If time is limited on May 18 and 19, share the archived recordings at a later time. The conference is flexible and extendable.

Register by April 30 to join the 400 participants who have already decided to attend.