“Thank You So Much for Offering This Conference Online.”

The 2011 Amigos Member Conference is in the books, and judging by the comments received from attendees it appears to have been another big success. 2011 marked the second year Amigos conducted its annual conference as an online event, and in their evaluations many attendees commented that the online format made it possible for them to participate when they could not have otherwise.

Here's a sampling of what attendees had to say:

  • "Thank you so much for offering this conference online. Your organization and presentation are excellent. The online arrangement is easy to use and so effective with the handouts that can be downloaded, presentations that can be viewed later. With appreciation!"
  • "Multiple sessions to choose from. Good opening and closing keynotes. Love the snack boxes!"
  • "Online provides our only access - we never will travel to distance meetings because of time involved and expense. Steven Bell was excellent in content and presentation. Good variety of topics."
  • "We have no travel budget; the convenience and access were wonderful. I enjoyed the presentations I attended, and even when the main topic was not pertinent to my library, there were applicable ideas."
  • "Excellent content but no travel costs. The snack box was a delightful surprise! Thank you, Vendors!"
  • "We probably will never be able to travel on our budget. The online environment allows my entire staff to take part in the conference! Thanks!"
  • "Being online was great so more staff could attend. All of the sessions I attended had informative content and we appreciated the choices. Also, the snack box was great. Thanks for putting on an excellent conference!"
  • "I liked that I got to go home every night but didn’t miss any of the conference “extras” that come with attending an in-person conference. We had the opportunity to network, the opportunity to comment, the opportunity to move around between sessions, we got vendor information, and we even got goodies!"
  • "It is available to all members regardless of location and budget. Really great cutting edge topics, good presenters. I feel connected to the larger library world when participating in the Amigos conference. And the goody boxes are great too!"
  • "I enjoyed the information sharing among the participants and the presenter. I liked the fact that you could get answers to some of your questions on the spot. I would also like to thank the vendors for the snacks. They were great."

Amigos wishes to remind members that conference materials and recordings are archived and can be accessed for a limited time by those who registered for the conference, whether or not they were able to attend. If you (or your library) registered for the conference, you already have access to the archives by logging into the conference portal, http://mycourses.amigos.org/2011conference. If you were not registered for the conference and wish to access the archives, please go to http://conference.amigos.org/node/24 and complete the Archives Registration Form. Access to the conference archives and materials is available only to Amigos member institutions and their staffs. Please contact learning@amigos.org if you need assistance logging in.