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Invest in your investments with Morningstar!

Morningstar is offering a special 15% discount offer for new subscribers on the Investment Research Center database. This database provides users with information on historical data, in-depth expert analysis, portfolio and screening tools, and educational content, to help users meet their investing goals. A new version of the database was launched early this spring in April 2021.

2022 BioOne Complete Collection Updates & New Resources

217 Titles from 159 Publishers
BioOne Complete is a curated collection; each year they thoughtfully partner with leading societies in the biosciences to bring BioOne Complete users access to more research. BioOne is pleased to announce the addition of two new titles from the International Odonatological Foundation, Odonatologica and its companion publication, Notulae odonatologicae. These titles will join the BioOne Complete collection on January 3, 2022.

MIT Press Launching D2O, a New Collective Action Model to Support OA

MIT Press is offering a new, collective action model, called Direct to Open (D2O) to support open access publication of digital monographs from the MIT Press. The D2O model aims to distribute the total financial success threshold for each collection across the estimated number of institutions expected to support it. The tier fees vary by institution type and size and reflect anticipated demand and institutional serials budgets. Libraries can commit to supporting D2O through the end of September 2021.